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IBX202 Front
IBX202 link to offer

Order took 7 days to arrive, SMS progress updates, delivery by Amtrak.
Well made, cables/batteries supplied, no manual, single instruction sheet.
Supanet ISP, home, email and search (Ask Jeeves). Hack code fk39x39662 .
Functionally similar to IBX101, same CPU & modem speed, 40-bit SSL.
Same faults(eg img hyperlink; onMouseout call to script - causes Internal Error)
Picture shake during page load, RGB colour a bit washed-out.

Full Size K/B

Large K/B (KB200), poorly marked function keys, no mouse, no on-screen arrow.
Works ok with small k/b, mouse appears and works ok.
IBX202 has narrow i/r receiving angle.
So both types of k/b must be directly in front of unit, and point at it.
Large K/B works with IBX101 at any angle, but no mouse of course.
So IBX202/KB200 combo ok on a table, no good for lounge furniture/floor use.

Modified IBX202

Remove casing top (4 screws), remove front escutcheon (4 screws).
Remove IBX202 sensor lens (to the right of the LEDs), and leave it out.
Bore out plastic escutcheon to about 1 inch diameter, centred where lens was.
Cover this larger hole with clear plastic. (Onto plastic posts, melt/glue)
Re-assemble. Your combo is now nearly as super-sensitive as IBX100/101.
It does work, takes less than 1 hour, but on your own head be it.

IBX202 Inners

Scart in, scart out plus printer sockets. 2 front LEDs - one is bi-colour.
Single circuit board, soldered ram, socket rom, good scart control over tv.
REM, 9 including delivery, don't look gift horse in mouth!

(PS Difference to other IBXs, unit does not lock up or hang phone line on Fast24 disconnects)
Since 3/2004, older Bush boxes have experienced disconnect problems with Fast24 & other ISPs
Update 10/2004;
Hanging disconnects have continued for months on older IBXxxx's. Fix;
In ISP setup, replace one character in modem dial script from a one to a two as follows;
*\nATZ\n* *OK\nAT&C1&D1&K3W2\n* *........etc
*\nATZ\n* *OK\nAT&C1&D2&K3W2\n* *........etc
FAST24; from July 06 - continuous problems, Oct 06 - defunct
Nov 06, my ISP now Fast4, unrestricted, 8/month, DNSs, ok on Bush boxes.

Dec 07, still with fast4 & ok with their service. Some problematic connect failures and some line-drops. Very slow browsing sometimes, 15 minute inactive time-outs kick in ok.
If file-editing, some (re-)connect attempts give 'Number not Recognised' error (so History/Cookies/Mid-Form-Edits immediately lost). 2-hour connected time-out, their Service Status' page has gone & price now 9
Most connect attempts take a while and need a fair amount of free memory on BushBoxes, seems like a download takes place.
Dec 07, Now use 3iX hosting, initial impressions of their basic Excite package - fantastic
Great prices, cPanel, Bush compat, webmail, storage, bandwidth, sub-domains etc
Note, fair number of outages of around an hour.
You need to buy/bring own domain name

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