Unique Random Numbers/Elements Picker

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This JavaScript 1.1 picks a number of unique random elements from an array.

For example; if you have an array numArr consisting of 49 elements and want to pick 6 unique random elements. Suppose initially numArr[3] is picked randomly, then numArr[3] should not be picked again. The array elements can contain anything, eg; numbers, sequential numbers or animal names. Script notes inform of easy changes.

If you want to pick 4 of 33 numbers, or randomise all elements in a range length "tot", you might set "tot" to equal 33 or 90 and call the function like one of these;
pickNums(6,49)     pickNums(4,33)     pickNums(33,tot)     pickNums(tot,tot)

Bush Bingo !

Above shows 1st randomise result, those below show randomise of randomise of random... etc.
Bottom/top guard elements are added to array. If either is picked, it is always rejected as possibly unreliable,
with little run-time overhead.

Reload the page to see another set of unique random elements.